Research projects

Academic museum

The Allard Pierson Museum is part of the University of Amsterdam and connected directly with education, research and valorization.


The museum operates within the University of Amsterdam closely with the Amsterdam Archaeological Centre (AAC), Media Studies, Cultural Studies and Heritage Studies. The newly formed cluster ACASA (Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology) is a natural partner of the museum.

The research projects are part of the core mission of the University and therefore of the museum, while we focus on the following themes:

* archaeological research (see excavation Tell Ibrahim Awad), material culture studies and art historical research (see catalogues on Antique glass and terracotta's from Egypt)
* museological research and evaluations for media studies to visualization and interaction technology in a museum context (see, Mesch, Tomb Reader)
 * heritage research into biography of the collections and scientific and museum networks (Petrie perspective); in collaboration with Cultural Studies is a regular working Archaeology Museum. Results are published in Allard Pierson Magazine

Published by  Allard Pierson Museum

29 March 2015