Welcome to the Romans

The exhibition 'Welcome to the Romans', introduces you to the vastness and diversity of the Roman Empire. Roman influences can be found from Egypt to the Rhine in the Netherlands. Recent scientific insights show that the Romans also took indigenous customs back home to Rome with them. Objects from the Mediterranean, Egypt and the Low Countries provide examples of the interactions between these three regions.

Photo Keys to Rome

By using appealing objects and new digital techniques, the exhibition gives visitors an insight into the daily lives of the Romans. So called Smart objects are used, for example. Scale models, printed in 3D, have been fitted with sensors  that react to touch, triggering information on a screen. Another special type of application is the Revealing Flashlight, which projects the original colours onto the real artefact by means of a projector and a motion sensor.

Keys to Rome has been developed in cooperation with the Museum of Sarajevo, the Museo dei Fori Imperiali nei Meracti di Traiani in Rome, and the Antiquities Museum of the Bibliotheca Alexandria in Alexandria.

Published by  Allard Pierson Museum

17 January 2017