COBBRA Network

sharing is caring

The network presented here aims to achieve sustainable partnership between five northern European top museums, research institutes, outreach organizations, and commercial parties. This partnership between museumpartners Copenhagen, Oxford, Bonn, Brussels, and Amsterdam (Cobbra consortium), will result in a blueprint for a new business plan for museums, based on the exchange of knowledge, collections and staff. The motto of the association is 'sharing is caring': objects, knowledge and expertise, staff and (digital) content are to be exchanged in order to bring recent research in the field of cultural heritage, especially in archaeology, better for the limelight and reach a wider audience.

Through the use of new media and digital applications will also be able to connect with a new generation of museum visitors. As a result, this project will not only result in a broader awareness of the stakeholders and collections, but also contribute significantly to a better understanding of the collections. In addition, the intensive cooperation between the partners will result in a shared pool of knowledge and expertise which not only enhances the scientific effectiveness and outreach capacity of the museums involved, but also results in a more cost-effective operation of these museums. 

For the next four years the COBBRA network wants initiate each year a collaborative travelling exhibition project. The first project will be starting in 2015 and is about Sicily and the Sea.

Museum partners:

C openhagen: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Dr. Jan Kindberg Jacobsen, curator dept. Antiquities

O xford: Ashmolean Museum: Dr. Paul Roberts, keeper antiquities

B onn: LVR Landesmuseum: Prof. dr. Schmauder Michael, chief curator

Br ussel: Royal Museums of Art and History: Dr. Eric Gubel, director

A msterdam: Allard Pierson Museum: Dr. Wim Hupperetz, director


Network Partners:

Drs. Marco de Niet, DEN foundation, Netherlands

Dr. Jeremiah Pelgrom, Royal Dutch Institute Rome

Dr. Winfred van der Put, Dutch Institute in Athens

Dr. Diederik Burgersdijk Foundation Zenobia


Commercial partners

Drs. Roel Geukemeijer, Labrys Travel

Mr. Henk van der Wal, WBOOKS

Mr. Niall Ó hoisin, NoHo Ltd


Liaision officer: dr. Marieke van den Doel (Allard Pierson Museum)


COBBRA Network is funded by Mondriaan Foundation

  • Prof. W.M.H. (Wim) Hupperetz-

    Liaison officer COBBRA | T: 0205252574

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Published by  Allard Pierson Museum

11 September 2018