THE COLOUR OF CLOTHES (extra lecture)

Fashion and identity in autochromes between 1907- 1925

15Dec2018 13:30 - 14:30


Because the first lecture is full, fashion historian Cally Blackman gives the same lecture on Saturday December the 15th between 1.30-2.30 PM. Cally Blackman will talk about the clothes and costumes in autochrome photographs, and what these dresses tell us about fashion and identity of people from the early twentieth-century.

Fashion narratives in early colour-photography

The Lumière brothers’ Autochrome process, launched in Paris in 1907, has until recently only been of interest to historians of photography. Yet because it provided the most reliable evidence of colour up to the 1930s, these captivatingly beautiful images offer a rich source of study for the fashion historian and others interested in the history of fashion. 

Using Albert Kahn’s monumental Les Archives de la Planète as a starting point, Cally Blackman explores some fascinating narratives of fashion in the early twentieth century as seen through the lens of the Autochrome process. After the lecture, visitors can visit the exhibition The world in colour. Colour photography before 1918. 

Cally Blackman

Cally Blackman

About the author

This lecture is given as part of our current exhibition The world in colouron display until January 6th. Cally has taught on BA Fashion Communication, Fashion History & Theory for over a decade at Central Saint Martins College in London. She is also the author of 100 Years of Fashion Illustration100 Years of Menswear, and 100 Years of Fashion, and co-author of Portrait of Fashion for the National Portrait Gallery. 

Practical information

The lecture is free once you have entered the museum (for students UvA and museumcardholders museumentrance is free). To attend this lecture, please subscribe via the button below. 

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